From Google Maps to a 3D Voxel World

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Adventure Box Google Maps Import The Earth

We have seen in a previous post how we texture greedy meshes in voxel worlds, which is one of the pieces of technology we’ve developed to make the rendering of Adventure Box worlds possible. Today we’re going to take a look at of one the ways we create voxel worlds – specifically, how we generate Adventure Box worlds from Google Maps (seems impossible? …Try it right now on : ) We’ve … Read More

“On Bugmen” by Melker the Wise

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My conversation with a bugman “And then, the big’un made me fly!” The big’un did what?! Made yo … This was the ninth time I was interrupted. Bugmen clearly prefer talking to listening. The entire area was littered with bodies, bugmen and humans alike. “Yes! It picked me up and threw me. High up in the air! I could see … Read More

“On Gnomes” by Melker the Wise

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My conversation with a gnome My feet were aching and my stomach growling, two weeks of travel had sure taken its toll. I was on my way to the city, to present my latest research on dwarven mushroom cultivation. It wouldn’t be long now before evening would fall upon me. That’s when I found it. The forest roof opened up, … Read More

“On Goblins” By Melker the Wise

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My conversation with a goblin When I woke up that morning, I quickly realized it would be a horrible day. I dangled in a large metal cage beneath the biggest air ship you could ever imagine. Around us was nothing but open air and dark clouds. My back, my feet, my head … well, my entire body, hurt. It was … Read More

Adventure Box Maker and The rise of an Empire

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Hallo Alpha tester! We have been busy developing for a while but now we are back! The alpha you have been testing was based on version 3 of our game engine. We are now completing version 4, which is much improved and optimized and which has lots of new functionality: Adventure Box Maker allows you to import a world from … Read More

Texturing greedy meshes in voxel worlds

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Texturing greedy meshes in voxel worlds

A number of people have asked me about how I apply textures to quads generated using the greedy meshing approach (video:, source: There are a few ways to do this, but I thought it might be useful for me to share my approach. I texture greedily meshed quads by applying an offset and a modulus in the fragment … Read More

Live stream from Stockholm open house party Nov 7, 16:00 GMT+1

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This Friday, Nov 7, at about 4 PM GMT+1 (central European time) we will have a live stream from our open house party at the Stockholm office. IAWAKE (our own Thomas Huttenlocher) will DJ. Camera mostly covering him and party goers but we might cut to demos and interviews. Welcome!

Designing the city-crafting system in Adventure Box

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Adventure Box Alpha World Map

From the very start of development on Adventure Box we wanted the crafting of cities to be a fun and skillful activity. We didn’t want to just offer players the ability to scattering buildings around – we wanted the kinds of buildings you build, and how you arrange them, to play a part in the character’s development and in the … Read More

A speech by CTO, Rob O’Leary at the HTML5 Developers Conference, San Francisco, October 2014

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Hi all! I’m Rob O’Leary, CTO and co-founder of Happy Landlord Games. We’re a small, independent game studio based in Stockholm, in Sweden, and we’re developing a game called Adventure Box. Now, I’m no salesman – I’m an engineer – so I’m not going to write too much about what a wonderful, engaging.. *tasteful* product we’re building. Instead I’m going … Read More