Adventure Box Tips: Self-Publishing Part 1: Correct File Format


Hello! So you have a game you’re super-proud of. So proud, in fact, that you want to share it with more people. Well, there’s always social media, but there are also self-publishing sites!Which is what we’ll be talking about today!Now, there are loads of them to choose from, but to start with, I’ll go over two very easy and straightforward … Read More

Adventure Box Tips: Getting Inspired

EmmyAdventure Box Tips

Hello!   By now, you pretty much get how the Maker works, if I’ve done my job properly. But do you feel discouraged to create a game because you think it won’t be good enough? Or do you want to create one, but don’t know what type of game to make? If you’re new to this, this might come from … Read More

Adventure Box Tips: Creating A Well-Balanced Battlefield

EmmyAdventure Box Tips

Hi!   The Battlefield games sure are fun, aren’t they? Are you somebody who wants to create their own, but isn’t sure how to do so? I can’t tell you exactly how to make one, but I CAN offer a little bit of advice! This time, we’re going to talk about creating a well-balanced Battlefield!   Now, why do we … Read More

Creating Dialogue In Adventure Box


Hello again!   Wow, going over everything in the Maker sure was a mouthful, huh? So many little details to cover… Whew! Well, alright, now I can start going over a few of the menu options that you get when right-clicking items and creatures. It’s been pretty wordy so far, so I suggest we keep going in that direction… by … Read More

Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 6 – Maker Control Panel


Hello! This is the last part on editing your Adventure Box world! Down in the right corner of the Maker, there are more buttons. These are Maker Options. Or the Maker Control Panel, I suppose is more accurate. To activate them, just left-click on them. Let’s go over them real quick. In order, from left to right: Player Mode lets … Read More

Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 5 – Quests And Event Triggers


Hello again! Today, we’re going to talk about what elevates an Open World adventure from a fun one to an exciting one – Quests! And while we’re on the subject, I’m going to talk about Event Triggers, since they work similarly and share a Palette. Quests To put it simply, Quests are basically a series of events and tasks that, … Read More

Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 3 – Creating Creatures


Howdy! What is an Open World without people to talk to and bad guys to fight? Actually, that does sound rather relaxing… But it’s hardly exciting, is it? Not to mention a bit lifeless. Well, you can fix that by adding some Creatures to your world. Let’s talk about how to make them! To open the Creature Creator, open the … Read More

Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 2 – The Maker


Hello! Last time, we started talking about how the Maker controls work. But… what can you actually do, then? Let’s talk about that today! The menu on the left shows the options you have for editing your world. Each button represents different elements to spice up your world with.  All of these Palettes work in the same way – To place … Read More

Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 1 – Controls


Hello again!   So you’ve created or imported a world. Neato! But a world is just a world. It’s… lacking a little something, right? Namely pretty much everything. But worry not! You can edit and modify it! Welcome to the Maker! Editing your worlds is not only beneficial for other Players, but for you, as well! See, when you edit … Read More