Week 30: Model Of The Week

Do you like bling? Well, nothing could have more of that old bling-feel than an actual Golden Chalice. This beautiful cup, encrusted with jewels, was made by DImage.

Week 29: Game Of The Week

Let us invite you to a nice, cozy castle with a nice host that likes to drink blood and can see in the dark, created by Genard. Make yourself at home!

Week 29: Model Of The Week

This may look like a really cute and cool cat, but if you look closer, you can see a certain gleam in his eye. Because this is no ordinary cat. No, this is the Adventurebox office cat, Voxel. DM Klas …

Time to go shopping! New update

There’s nothing like shopping. And with this new update, we’ve made it possible to create the shop of your dreams!When you create a shop in one of your games, you can now click settings by right clicking the shop and …

Week 28: Model Of The Week

If this friendly character does not spruce up your underwater game then… his name isn’t Bob. Fun fact – using voxels makes it easier to create square pants.

Update: Social media log-in

Another day, another small update. Here’s what’s new: ● You can now log in using social media (facebook/discord etc.) without having to leave the page We’ve done a few updates and bug fixes as well: ● In the maker, you …

Badges & Banners! July 7th Release Notes

Hello, everyone! We had a new release today, and it came with some cool new stuff! Badges We have our first iteration of a badge system! You may have noticed a new crown symbol up by the Bux counter. This …

Week 27: Game Of The Week

It’s summer. And what do you do in summer? You chill. And where do you chill? In a huge fridge, of course. This parkour game made by Genard is really, really cool!

Week 27: Model Of The Week

You can only lift this hammer if you are pure of heart. Or, well, super strong and a God of Thunder. Or… you can just try it yourself.

Gizelle Chantil is our top Maker of July!

If you’re looking for a talented maker, take a look at Gizelles stuff. Congratulations from the Adventure Box team on being awesome, Gizelle. Keep it up! Check out Gizelles stuff here: https://www.adventurebox.com/players/gizelle-cantil

Week 26: Game Of The Week

When we’re talking parkour games, Genard is a master. And the Obstacle World series is a masterpiece. Start with the first, and then play the entire series!