Create A World With Adventure Box!


Hi! Welcome to Adventure Box! We make it easy to create, share and play games, directly in your browser! You don’t need to do any coding, and you don’t need to pay us any money. Just create an account and get started! To create a game, you first need a base! We provide different types of base games for you to … Read More

Meet our CTO and Capture the flag is coming!


NEW: Competition ends in ten days! Next Sunday, the 30th of April that is, our competition ends at midnight C.E.T. The comp is about making a game as best as you can and climb the leaderboard. So, now is the time to start creating over at Adventure Box and bring home the prize of 250 gems! NEW: Capture the flag is … Read More

Let’s have a peaceful Easter


NEW: Let’s have a peaceful Easter For those who celebrate this festivity: have a good one! And whoever you are and wherever you are, thanks for the support and keep sending comments and suggestions. PvP-fighting is coming soon! Yes, we’re very exited about this upcoming update. Earlier this season we introduced multiplayer capabilities on Adventure Box. Soon there will be … Read More

Important improvements!


NEW: Important improvements! We are working hard on making Adventure Box better, more fun and easier to use. This week the following refinements were implemented and are ready for you to check out: • Now, when you decide to create a game you’re first offered three different game types. However, two of them are disabled. This is a feature that … Read More

Our competition ends tonight!


Our competition ends tonight! This month’s maker competition at Adventure Box is coming to an end at midnight CET today. Who will win those gems? Well, we’ll know by the morning. Check us out on Faceebook, Twitter and Instagram during the weekend to see who takes home those 250 gems! If you didn’t win, just remember that we will run the … Read More

Try multiplayer mode with your m8:s!


Try multiplayer mode with your m8:s! We run a fun beta test of multiplayer mode on Adventure Box. You can join or make a public game, so that anyone can play with you, or a private one, in which other players need an invitation from you to be able to join. Once you’re in a multiplayer game there are buttons … Read More

Join multiplayer gaming and listen to some fresh soundtracks


NEW: Magical music and stunning sound effects There are now three new full musical tracks to enhance your game creation, in addition to a bunch of new sound effects, including alarm sounds (nice for traps!). We would like to give a special mention to The Zeppelin Theme. This particular track is intended to go with the new airship models we … Read More

Try out multiplayer mode!


NEW: Try out multiplayer mode! We’re happy to tell you that as of last week we run a beta test of multi-player mode on Adventure Box. On the front page you now have a panel that shows a selection of currently running games. If you click on a game, you’re sent straight into it. You can also choose to create … Read More

Check out the new multi-player mode


NEW: Check out the new multi-player mode! We are very happy to invite you to the public beta test of mult-player mode on Adventure Box. Yes, we’re all pretty exited about this one. On the front page you now have a panel that shows a selection of currently running games. If you click on a game, you’re sent straight into … Read More

Dwarves and Level 4 unlocked


NEW: Meet the Dwarves! Last week we unleashed a new race on Adventure Box: warriors that are way below average height. Dwarves are unlocked at level 3, which also includes the ability to generate arctic worlds. The brand new Dwarves content for the maker tools comprises character design, shops, portal, furniture and architecture. Go check it all out as soon … Read More