Alpha v0.04 released!

Rob News

Hi all!

Time for the weekly alpha update again. This week we’ve been super-busy working on design, account management, and assorted bugs reported by our intrepid alpha testers.

We had planned to have our shiny new Adventure Maker asset system ready for this update, but since we’ve had so much interest in the alpha we decided to switch over to upgrading our account management system.

Last week we were creating accounts manually one at a time, but since almost 700 people applied for alpha accounts since then, we really needed to be able to create accounts automatically!

So, next week’s update should include our new asset manager, which currently looks like this:

And this week we have:
An all new account creation system, which lets us process many new accounts automatically.. woo!
Fixed a potentially nasty bug on the server that could cause world caches to overflow (!)
More upgrades for animated model loading and caching
Performance upgrades for the server-side lighting system
Fixed a bug that caused the in-game interface to scroll unexectedly when the spacebar is pressed

More next week for the Alpha v0.05 upgrade!