Alpha v0.05 released!

Rob News

Hi all!

Another update – and this time we’ve got something shiny and new in the interface! We’ve upgraded the Adventure Maker to include our new asset management system – which looks like this:

If you already have an account, you can go ahead and login right now to give the new asset system a try. If you don’t yet have access, submit your application to be an alpha tester using the form at the top of the website.

We’ve added a few assets from our huge collection, just to get things started – but watch out next week for lots of new models to add to your worlds!

Apart from the new asset catalogue, we’ve also been fixing bugs and making other minor upgrades:
It’s no longer possible to accidentally scroll while in the game
The recently created worlds list is now much longer and correctly ordered
The player and maker interfaces are simplified and more graphical (less dependent on keyboard shortcuts)
New worlds are now created with the time set to dawn (testers were having trouble entering worlds created at night!)
We’ve created a new system that converts Qubicle Constructor models into fully lit, optimized models for use inside our engine
The blog is now udated to match the website theme

More next week for the Alpha v0.06 upgrade!