Alpha v0.06 released!

Rob News

The v0.06 alpha update is up! Woo!

This week the Halflings have started to arrive – so you’ll find all new Halfling architecture in the asset catalogue!

We’ve also be super-busy working on upgrading the control systems. So we have:

A repaired targeting system, so it’s no longer difficult to correctly target voxels with your mouse!
A new first-person camera in Adventure Player mode (which we’re going to review to see if alphas prefer it : )
Upgrades to the collision system – it’s a lot better now, though still the occasional clipping
Upgrades to the rotation system when placing assets from the catalogue
A new, more intuitive, time control for Adventure Makers
Assorted minor bug fixes

For next we’re working on the animation and character building systems – so we’re looking forward to seeing some life running around in worlds! : )