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Adventure Box Game Engine Preview!

Rob News

Experience The Story for the First Time

This weekend you guys are the very first to get a preview of our new game engine. This is the engine we’re building up using the alpha technologies, combined with the gameplay mechanics we’ve designed based on your feedback. You’ll find the preview right here.

There’s not much to do in there just yet – but hopefully you should get a feel for the dark, atmospheric environment we’re creating for the game.

We’ll be running this open technology preview along side our full Adventure Box Labs alpha, so feel free to share it with friends. The first time you open this preview the engine will load lots of resources.  Those resources only needed to be loaded once, so subsequent visits will load and run faster.

Speaking of Adventure Box Labs, our competition is still in full swing. As there are so many of you building some fantastic cities out there, it’s becoming a little difficult to sift through each of the worlds. If you think your city has what it takes to win our competition we ask that you post a screenshot of your fine creation, along with your worlds name, on our Facebook page or Tweet us or drop us an email. Entries have be in quick though, so to battle stations people!

Feedback is very important to us. So if you experience anything out of the ordinary or just want to say how great it is then please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email our social media team or voice your feedback on Twitter or Facebook.