Adventure Box Maker and The rise of an Empire


Hallo Alpha tester!
We have been busy developing for a while but now we are back! The alpha you have been testing was based on version 3 of our game engine. We are now completing version 4, which is much improved and optimized and which has lots of new functionality:

  • Adventure Box Maker allows you to import a world from Minecraft, add characters, dialogue, behaviors and story steps to create your own games that you can then publish on
  • The rise of an Empire is built with the Adventure Box Maker and will be available as a mod-ready game inside Adventure Box Maker. It is a hero’s tale of the Alchemist’s Apprentice who saves the Empire, and the whole world. See the intro movie here:
We will be showing pre-views of our Adventure Box Maker and The rise of an Empire at the EGX in London March 12-14. Please come and see us.

At EGX we will have a daily raffle for winning a 3D printed and hand painted approximately 25 cm tall character from our game. Green Man Gaming is also arranging a competition for those of you who can’t come to London. Go to: to vote for a character and be entered with a chance to win your own figurine.

Our current schedule is that the Minecraft import function should be published April 1th. This will allow you to import your Minecraft world into Adventure Box and post it at You can then share it by posting a link to your world, or embed the link into your webpage, just as you would with a YouTube video. Visitors to your world can initially walk around and look at all the greatness you created but they can’t edit or destroy anything.

April 17th we release the Beta of the Adventure Box Maker. Now you can create your own Role Playing Games by adding characters, dialogue, behaviors and story steps to your Minecraft world, or an Adventure Box world. This release also includes the first levels of Rise of an Empire.

As the Beta is released we will transfer your Alpha account into a Beta account. Unfortunately your Alpha worlds/maps will be lost. We are very grateful that you have taken the time to test our Alpha and would like to reward you with several gifts:
A special Alpha-marked Sowrd of Fate for your characterAdventureBox_SwordOfFate_720
One month free use of the Adventure Box Maker (it will resale at 19,99 USD)
A free download of the Adventure Box Player app for smartphone or tablet, when available in April (will resale for 4,99 USD)

Thanks for following us!

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