Boxing champion takes home a hundred dollars!


Topox19547 game

Adventure boxer Topox19547 wins our monthly competition by becoming the most successful maker of January 2017. Topox19547 received $100 for being an awesome maker. If you want to check out what Topox19547 has made so far, you just click here. You can win too! If you top the monthly leaderboard at midnight February 28th you will win 100 gems, so now is the time to get making if you want to grab that win. Note: One boxer cannot win the comp for two months in a row. It’s just the rules, you know?

NEW: Now you can buy more gems

Purchase Gems AdventureBox
You asked for it, you got it. One frequent question we get from our fellow boxers is how to get more gems. Well, now there’s a simple way to do that: you just buy more when you run out of the precious stones. Click on the Gemshop-icon, and you are there. It looks like this : buy-gem-iconPlease check out this new feature now!

TOP 3: Play the best games!
Floating mountains by ppot14
2. Adventureworld by Kim
3. The Chalice by Geebles
Click on the usernames above and you’re good to go.

HOW-TO: Get started making your own game
Get Started with AdventureBox
Check out this video on the basics of creating your own game. Its relatively short and it does not hurt a bit.

FEEDBACK: This week’s questions and comments
Here’s a couple of q:s we have got from you boxers. We try to answer all questions as they come in, but the questions and answers of the few could be useful to the many. So here goes:

Q: Hi! I’d like to build some stuff, but I’m afraid of running out of gems. How do I go about getting more?

A: You get gems every day that you turn up at Adventure Box, and you can earn gold by playing and making games. Especially games with lots of content, shops, long quests and many visitors will get you a lot of gold. Starting today we turn on the possibility to buy gems. Thanks for your question, and we will top up your balance with some extra gems. Happy building!

Q: I would really love this game if it possibly came out in the near future on Mobiles and games consoles. Is that in the making? Anyhoo, keep up the good work and hopefully if I do own a laptop I will definitely give this a go for myself rather than watch people play! 🙂

A: We will make a version for tablets and smartphones. Fitting all the game building functions on a small(er) window is quite a challenge. But we are working on it. Please stay in touch thru our various channels and you will be the first to know when we are getting there.

Q: Adventure Box seems uncannily similar to Cubeworld?

A: We use the same 3d-method as Cubeworld, Minecraft, and many more games (voxels), but we are very different (if we may say so). With Adventure Box you make your own game and share them with other boxers. All in the browser. No downloads.

We do love your all of your questions, comments and suggestions! Keep em’ coming.

UPDATES: Things we’ve fixed for you
Here’s some fixes and improvements we made since the last issue of this newsletter:
When a boxer launches a new quest, a sound now plays and a notification is fired.
• Boxers can now right-click on any item in the maker tools and click on configure to rename the item.
• Quest items are now visible in inventories.
• Equipment with particular effects (for example, most goblin equipment have a poison attack/damage modifiers) now emit particles to indicate their nature.
• Large block updates and placing of architecture now requires the boxer to confirm before executing – to avoid accidental updates and architecture placement.
• Maker rewards are no longer displayed if the total monentary reward is zero.
• The daily gold award is now reduced from 1000 gold to 100.
NEXT: See you in a week!
The next issue of your newsletter will be sent out on February 10th. Then we will tell you about the new content we are working on right now. To begin with, we are adding more races, so you don’t want to miss that!

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