Tutorial part two: Adding characters


After creating a world and filling it with structures and items it is time to add Adventure to your world. We like to begin with adding characters.

Non- Player Characters, or NPC:s, are characters controlled by the game with which players can interact. You can design their look, place them into your world and give them properties, dialogue and even quests! We will come back to how you give a character quests and link triggers to their dialogue later.

To design a character first right click on the background to get the WHEEL Left click on the man/woman symbol.

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - Wheel

On the left side of your image you now get the CREATURES window. If its my first character I get some intro text. Click towards the lower part of the window to start designing a character. You may have to scroll down pointing at the grey bar in the right part of the window. Even if you don’t see the button you can still click at the lower part of the window to move to the next stage.

We start by choosing the face type of our character. The symbols to the left in the image lets you chose between editing face type, hair styles, shirts, pants, gloves, shoes, shields and weapons. The symbols towards the top of the image lets you chose between creating humans or goblins. More races will be available soon for those who reach higher levels as Adventure Boxers. The symbols to the top right let you customize colors.

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - Designer

As you make changes those are added to the little guy to the right.

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - face types

After choosing a nice moustache, shirt, pants and shoes I am ready with my guy. Time to save him. Click the SAVE CHARACTER button and give your character a name.

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - save human

He is now stored in my library of characters and I can use him in my game anytime I like. The more things I add to my character the more expensive he will be but it only costs me gold when I place characters into my worlds. I can make as many characters as I like.

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - characters library

Here he is in my library. He is a “mook”, the weakest type of a character.

By left-clicking on my character in my character library I can place him into my world. The button H lets me rotate him.

Once I placed my character into my world I can right click on him to get all character related options.

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - click

The sun image lets me change his name.

The brain image lets me change him from his default (friendly for humans and hostile for goblins) to the opposite.

The cup lets me start a quest tied to the character (more on that later).

The falling dominoes let me set a trigger (more on that later).

The circle with an error lets me turn the character around (as with the H button)

The dotted circle makes my character invisible! This is great for when a trigger suddenly turns lots of invisible enemies visible for example. Surprise your players!

The chest lets you add items that your character can carry. He may drop them when he is killed (see image below).

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - inventory to character

The speech bubble lets you add dialogue to your character. Click “Create a new dialogue” to get started.

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - add - dialogue

Just write your lines and click on the plus button add more options.

Adventure Box Character Tutorial - dialogue


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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