Dwarves and Level 4 unlocked


NEW: Meet the Dwarves!

dwarves in adventurebox

Last week we unleashed a new race on Adventure Box: warriors that are way below average height. Dwarves are unlocked at level 3, which also includes the ability to generate arctic worlds. The brand new Dwarves content for the maker tools comprises character design, shops, portal, furniture and architecture. Go check it all out as soon as you can!

NEW: Level 4 is unlocked

Zeppelins in Adventurebox

As of now, the level cap on Adventure Box is raised to 4. That is a whopping 33,3333 percent increase of game creation fun! Level 4 adds new human and goblin content for the maker tools, including zeppelins, labyrinths and castle components. There are also new masks and body part types for players.

EVENT: We’ll be at GDC

GDC AdventureBox

Next week we grab our trusty laptops and set sail for the west coast of the U.S. The Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco is the world’s largest professional game industry forum, and we’re there. And so are more than 27 000 programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games.
If you like to meet us at GDC (Feb 27th–Mar 3rd), just send an email and we will try to get together for a chat. We always enjoy meeting smart and friendly folks who have a passion for creating great games.

NEW: How to get more gems

Purchase Gems AdventureBox

This month we have opened the Gemshop where you can buy the precious stones. It’s one of the most asked for features and now its here. Just click on the Gemshop-icon, and you are there.
It looks like this: buy-gem-icon One gem equals 100 gold, so with 250 gems you can create a lot of amazing stuff!

WIN: Be the Adventure boxer of the month!

AdventureBox in a laptop

We are running a competition for the whole of February, so now is the time to get making if you want to grab that win. If you top the monthly leaderboard at midnight February 28th you will win 250 gems. You get gems every day that you turn up at Adventure Box, and you can earn gold by playing and making games.


Here’s a couple of q:s we have got from you boxers the past month. We try to answer all questions as they come in, since the questions and answers of the few could be useful to the many. So, here goes:

Q: Does Adventure Box have multi-player mode?

A: Not at the moment, but we are working on it tirelessly. In fact, the development team has made great progress, and multi-play tests are being carried out as we speak. It will not be that long before we can present this truly exiting feature, so make sure that you check out this newsletter (and our blog and SoMe-channels) for updates on the subject. We’ll keep you posted!

Q: Is Adventure Box coming to mobile devices and gaming consoles?

A: Yes, we will support mobile devices later on. But first we want to stabilize what we have on the desktop. There are still bugs that need a good squashing and some general improvements to be made. The next things in our backlog are multi-player mode (yay!) and letting you design your own items, like weapons. Adventure Box on platforms like Xbox and Playstation will take a wee bit longer to get in place, since it will require business deals with very large corporations and everything that comes with that. But we will get there one day!


Here are some fixes and improvements we made for you since the last issue of this newsletter.

– Worlds are now rated using a star rating system, rather than just “Likes” – which opens up more possibilities for world rankings and sorting.

– Character voices are now correct. Previously, they all sounded the same in dialogue – in fact, they should all have individual voices based on type of life form and mask.

As always, we are immensely grateful for any bug report, suggestion, and the like, you care to send us!


If time allows, we will report back from the conference floor of GDC. More importantly, you can expect exciting news that will make Adventure Box even more interesting and fun! The next issue of your newsletter will be sent out on the March 3rd.


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