Try out multiplayer mode!

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NEW: Try out multiplayer mode!

Chat and multiplayer games at AdventureBox

We’re happy to tell you that as of last week we run a beta test of multi-player mode on Adventure Box. On the front page you now have a panel that shows a selection of currently running games. If you click on a game, you’re sent straight into it. You can also choose to create your own multi-player game.

You can make a public game, so that anyone can play with you, or a private one, in which other players need an invitation from you to be able to join. Once you’re in a multi-player game there are buttons to invite your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and e-mail. There is also the option to just copy a direct link into the game and send it over messaging apps like Skype, Snapchat, Whatsapp and so on. For now, you can join other players in fights against hostile creatures in worlds. If a creature drops loot when it’s killed, all players get a loot bag.

Remember, this is an early beta test, so please bare with us if you experience any glitches in the game. As always, we really appreciate any bug reports, suggestions and comments you care to send our way. Join the multi-player beta here!

NEW: Fresh music and sound effects

Zeppelins in Adventurebox

There are now three new full musical tracks to enhance your game creation, in addition to a bunch of new sound effects, including alarm sounds (nice for traps!). We would like to give a special mention to The Zeppelin Theme.  This particular track is intended to go with the new airship models we brought in with the last update – and those things are very pretty indeed. If you like to listen to the amazing new soundtracks right now, they are at the top of our page on Soundcloud. There you’ll find lots of music and sounds we’ve produced in the past, as well. So, crank up the volume, why don’t you?


Kim Character at Adventurebox

We continue our series “Meet the team” by talking to our local friendly graphics wiz.

Where are you you right now?

I’m currently sitting at my workspace in front of my computer at home. I work from home sometimes and some of the time in our office. It’s great to have that flexibility.

How would you describe what you do at Adventure Box to your parents?

These days, even people my parents age have a basic understanding of what a computer game is, so I would just say that I create characters and items in a 3D program that you, as the player, then place in our game wherever you want to make your own world.

How did you get into voxel art? 

I started with voxel art when I started my internship here at Adventure Box back in 2015. I hadn’t tried it before, but quickly got into it since I was familiar with other 3D-programs.

Tell us a bit of about the tools you use, like your software of choice.

I make all my voxel work in a program called Qubicle and then I use Photoshop for making illustrations.

What are the most fun and challenging things about creating graphics for games?

I would say to make things look cohesive in the world. With every piece you make you have to ask yourself: how does this fit into this world? Does it have the right feel, the right colors, the right shape? It all has to fit together into a bigger perspective. It’s tricky, but it’s fun when you feel that you’ve got it right.


Here’s a couple of q:s we have got from you boxers the past month. We try to answer all questions as they come in, since the questions and answers of the few could be useful to the many. So, here goes:

Q: Can I fight other users on Adventure Box?

A: At the moment, you can play a beta test version of multi-player mode, but there are no PvP-combats as of yet. But it’s in the making. Please send us your suggestions on what kind of PvP-features you would like us to add.

Q: I’m not able to start a single-player game. What gives?

A: In the current multi-player beta, you just choose a private game and then you don’t invite anybody in.

Q: Why does this game look like Trove? Are you the same company?

A: Nah, we are a completely different developer, but we use the same principles for 3D graphics (Voxels) as Trove and Minecraft, and about 50 other games. Our cubes are a bit smaller than Minecraft’s (32 times smaller for characters), which may look more like Trove than Minecraft. What differs us from all other voxel based games is that we are in the browser, no download is needed, and that we got a toolbox for you to make your own RPG’s with.