Join multiplayer gaming and listen to some fresh soundtracks

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NEW: Magical music and stunning sound effects

Zeppelins in Adventurebox

There are now three new full musical tracks to enhance your game creation, in addition to a bunch of new sound effects, including alarm sounds (nice for traps!). We would like to give a special mention to The Zeppelin Theme. This particular track is intended to go with the new airship models we brought in with the last update – and those things are very pretty indeed. We got a page up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. There you’ll find the three new soundtracks as well as lots of sonic goodies we’ve produced in the past.

NEW: In for some multiplayer gaming?

dwarves in adventurebox

We’re happy to tell you that as of March the 3rd we run a beta test of multiplayer mode on Adventure Box! We really hope you’ll like it. Here’s what you do: on the front page you now have a panel that shows a selection of currently running games. If you click on a game, you’re sent straight into it. You can also choose to create your own multi-player game.

You can make a public game, so that anyone can play with you, or a private one, in which other players need an invitation from you to be able to join. Once you’re in a multiplayer game there are buttons to invite your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and e-mail. There is also the option to just copy a direct link into the game and send it over messaging apps like Skype, Snapchat, Whatsapp and so on. You can join other players in fights against hostile creatures in worlds. If a creature drops loot when it’s killed, all players get a loot bag.

Remember, this is an early beta test, so please bare with us if you experience any glitches in the game. As always, we really appreciate any bug reports, suggestions and comments you care to send our way. Join the multi-player beta here!

NEW: Get yourself more gems!

Purchase Gems AdventureBox

This month we have opened the Gemshop where you can buy the precious stones. It’s one of the most asked for features and now its here. Just click on the Gemshop-icon, and you are there.
It looks like this:  One gem equals 100 gold, so with 250 gems you can create a lot of amazing stuff!

INTERVIEW: Meet Chris!

Chris Character at Adventurebox

We continue off our series called “Meet the team”, by having a chat with one of our co-founders, main boss-person and CEO, Christopher.

Where are you right now?

I’m at my desk in our rather small Stockholm office. It’s in a really old building in a part of town whose name, Södermalm, would roughly translate as “The Southside”. There are lots of indie development companies, and creatives in general, around here, so we feel right at home.

How would you describe what you do at Adventure Box?

If we were a large company, my role would be a split between being a product manager and a CEO. But given that we are a modest start-up operation, I do loads of other things as well. As you would guess, some of my responsibilities are quite boring, like budgets and such, but at other times my job is very exiting, when we make progress in the making of Adventure Box and all that entails.

You’ve been working tirelessly on Adventure Box for some time now, what keeps you going? 

I have a long-standing love affair with user-created content. I truly believe that open-ended games help to promote creativity, stimulates collaboration between people and provides the freedom to explore new territories of online gaming. There’s also the fact that I have kids of my own, so one personal drive is to be a part of a team that creates a game that they would greatly enjoy playing.

Are you much of a gamer yourself?

I am, when time allows. Besides creating and playing on Adventure Box, I take pleasure in taking new games that comes along for a test drive. Its not a “checking the competition”-thing, I think you miss the whole point of the gaming experience if you go at it that way, I just like it when someone has made something really amazing.

What are your all-time favorite games?

I’ve spent a lot of time with World of Warcraft, Civilisation and Super Mario on the old Nintendo but my first love was with the very early tank game on the Atari.


Here’s a couple of q:s we have got from you boxers the past week. We try to answer all questions as they come in, since the questions and answers of the few could be useful to the many. So, here goes:

Q: A friend told me that you can win money on here, but I can’t find where. Can you show me how?

A: At the moment, the winner of our monthly competition gets a prize in our virtual currency. But, we might have real money prizes, and the like, in the future.

Q: If there will be PvP-fighting in the game, could gems buy me a higher rank, for instance?

A: You get gems every day that you turn up at Adventure Box and you can make gold by playing and making games. Especially games with lots of content, shops, long quests and many visitors earn much gold. As you’ll find a bit higher up in this newsletter, we’ve added the possibility for you to buy more gems. To be able to buy a higher rank in fighting arenas is definitely something we would consider adding in upcoming updates. Excellent question, btw, and keep em’ coming!