Important improvements!


NEW: Important improvements!

New Improvements Adventure Box

We are working hard on making Adventure Box better, more fun and easier to use. This week the following refinements were implemented and are ready for you to check out:

• Now, when you decide to create a game you’re first offered three different game types. However, two of them are disabled. This is a feature that will be completed in the next update later this month.

• After choosing a game type, you can now also choose from a set of template worlds – rather than creating a custom world. For example, you can generate a Human Village with one click.

• There’s a new on-screen control, with the keyboard binding K, that brings you back to the location where you entered the world. This way, you can never get stuck somewhere in a game.

• Award notifications now fire on any page of the site.  Previously you had to enter a world in order to get your rewards.  Now, as soon as you hit any page of the site, your rewards are immediately delivered.

• There’s now a Tutorials-button in the navigation menu on every page. The tutorials page will have lots of video titles – and two were published this week.

• There’s no collision on the camera in the maker tools, by default you can use the Caps Lock key to turn on and off maker camera collision).

As this is a beta test, please bare with us if you experience any glitches in the game. As always, we really appreciate any bug reports, suggestions and comments you care to send our way. Thanks ever so much for the help we have gotten so far. Try the new and improved Adventure Box here

NEW: We got two winners!

Adventure Box World

Last month’s maker competition came to a draw as it ended midnight (CET) on the 31st of March. Two Adventure boxers get to share the prize of 250 gems: Julien Villeneuve and MissLlamaness. Congrats on being the best makers of March 2017, the pair of you! You can check out and play MissLlamaness game here and Julien’s here. We will run the competition during the month of April, as well. So, you got until to the end of the month to climb to the top of the leader board and take home those precious gems.

HOWTO: Get yourself some more gems

Purchase Gems AdventureBox

We have a Gemshop where you can buy the precious stones. Just click on the Gemshop-icon, and you are there. It looks like this: One gem equals 100 gold, so with 250 gems you can create a lot of amazing stuff!

T.B.F: Old game play screen

TBF Adventure BoxLet’s do a little throwback fridayness, shall we? This screen capture is from more than two years ago, when we were still in an alpha phase of the development of Adventure Box. As you can see, things have brightened up quite a bit since then, in many ways.

INTERVIEW: Meet Glauber!

Glauber Character at Adventurebox

We continue our series of short interviews, aptly called “Meet the team”, by having a chat with our project manager and scrum master, Glauber.

Hi! Where are you right now?

I live in Paris since 2011 and I have lived in the U.K and Brazil before. I am at my working desk, in front of two big screens, all set up to work with Adventure Box!

How would you explain what you do at Adventure Box?

I help the development team to get into best practices and make them collaborate in an effective way

What are the most fun and challenging things about working with Adventure Box?

It’s cool to work in such creative and fun environment. How to make the game fun for players is a challenge. To adapt our development to match what the players enjoy is an awesome challenge.

Could you name three of your favorite games of all time?

Difficult to say, but the best ones that just come to my mind right now: I am a football fan, so FIFA is on my list. Super Mario was the one that had the most impact in my childhood. The third one is Clash Royale, which is the one I play the most at the moment.

What do you get up to when you’re not working?

I love doing sports, I just started doing Crossfit, and it is really cool. If the weather is nice, I enjoy getting out for a walk or just getting to a terrace in Paris with friends. And, of course, play games!