Let’s have a peaceful Easter


NEW: Let’s have a peaceful EasterAdventureBox Easters

For those who celebrate this festivity: have a good one! And whoever you are and wherever you are, thanks for the support and keep sending comments and suggestions.

PvP-fighting is coming soon!

Player VS Player

Yes, we’re very exited about this upcoming update. Earlier this season we introduced multiplayer capabilities on Adventure Box. Soon there will be even more fun to be had when “Battlefield” and “Catch the flag” will be activated. Head on over to Adventurebox.com and see for yourself: when you click on the “Make a game”-button, you’ll be offered three different game types. Right now, only one is active, but before the end of the month you and your friends will be able to engage in PvP-fighting. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram (and read this newsletter!), and you’ll be the first to know when we release the update.

HOWTO: Get yourself some more gems

Purchase Gems AdventureBox

We have a Gemshop where you can buy the precious stones. Just click on the Gemshop-icon, and you are there. It looks like this: One gem equals 100 gold, so with 250 gems you can create a lot of amazing stuff!

T.B.F: Vintage character creator

TBF Adventure Box

This is how our character creator screen looked like back in 2015. Naturally, it has changed since then. Check it out on Adventure Box, can you spot the differences between then and now?