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Hi! Welcome to Adventure Box!

We make it easy to create, share and play games, directly in your browser! You don’t need to do any coding, and you don’t need to pay us any money. Just create an account and get started!

To create a game, you first need a base! We provide different types of base games for you to edit and modify to your heart’s content.

Let’s go over the steps to creating a game world, shall we?

  1. First, choose the game type. Right now, you can create Open World games or Battlefield games.Open World games let you freely walk around and explore, take on quests, talk to NPCs (non-player characters) and fight monsters as you find them. Battlefield games let you run around with a gun and try to shoot as many enemies as possible before time runs out. (You can shoot other Players, mobs and NPCs). 
  2. Then, choose the world type.
    You have many world type options. Since we’re on a roll with going over things, let’s continue doing that here:

    • Templates are simply premade, basic worlds, such as a flatland or buildings.
      click on the template you want, and there it is!

    • Terraforming a world.

    To start: Terraforming… What the heck does that even mean?

    How to put this… You know how the flatland is just flat?
    Terraforming lets you have more control over creating actual terrain, like hills, forests and lakes. Or a funkier flatland, if you think hills are overrated.

    Now this is slightly more complex than the templates. But not by much, don’t worry: We’re a consumer engine, after all. Though I’ll just warn you – This might take a while to go over, so be ready.

    When terraforming, you have two options: Creating a flatland or a terrain.


    So you may be thinking: “What’s the difference between the template flatland and the terraformed flatland?”
    Well, whereas the template flatland is simply a small patch of grass, generating a non-template flatland allows you to decide the world’s
    size and material.

    Terrain lets you decide things like
    world size, climate

    hill amount

    …and water amount.

    So, recreate a scene from Waterworld, if you want to! A Mayan temple in a jungle! An eskimo village! Or just a hut in a desert.

    Finally, you’re asked to put in a seed, which, contrary to using it to grow wheat or whatever, is a word, number or combination of words and numbers that will further help generate the terrain of your world. Again, if you know about Minecraft, you probably have seen this already.


    You don’t need to write proper words or logical sequences of numbers – You can also just write complete gibberish if you want to. (Like HEeBiEJeEbIeSekekekeke or something)

    Or don’t write anything, if you don’t want to – After all, it only asks you to put in a seed, not demands you to.


That leaves us with two options left, but…

… You know what? This tutorial is long as it is – Let’s save those for another tutorial!

Until next time – Have fun creating!


If you prefer your instructions in video format, here’s our Youtube tutorial on World Creation:

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