Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 1 – Controls


Hello again!


So you’ve created or imported a world. Neato!

But a world is just a world. It’s… lacking a little something, right? Namely pretty much everything.

But worry not! You can edit and modify it!
Welcome to the Maker!

Editing your worlds is not only beneficial for other Players, but for you, as well!

See, when you edit a world, you actually gain experience points and gold from it, and if you make an interesting world, more Players will want to play it… Which also means even more gold and EXP for you. Good times all around, yes?

So let’s go over how the Maker works!
This will take a while to go over, so I’ll divide it into parts.


In this first part, let’s start with the most basic and go over how the controls work. I’ve provided a handy-dandy visual guide for the default controls down here:

Keyboard Controls


Mouse Controls


The Menus

Regarding the right-click menus mentioned on the mouse controls, I should mention that they will be different depending on what you right-click on:

Right-clicking the sky allows you to change the time, weather and lighting and color settings in your world.

Right-clicking a block brings up the Maker Palettes (Which we’ll expand on in the next blog post) as well as allows you to move the Entry Portal, which is the world’s starting point.

Right-clicking an item will let you start a quest with it (In Open World) or create an Event Trigger with it (Which I’ll go into more detail about in another blog post), rename it, hide it, rotate it or delete it:

And finally, right-clicking a Creature lets you not only do the same thing to the creatures as the items, but it also allows you to change the creature’s behavior, manage its inventory and give it dialogue.


If you don’t like the default way the buttons are mapped, don’t sweat it! In the Options menu (Which you can access by pressing Escape and selecting Options), you can map the button inputs yourself to whatever you prefer.

And as you can see on the right, you can also activate advanced graphical effects to make the game look just a little bit fancier:

  • Increase the draw distance, which lets you see further into your world
  • Increase your field of view
  • Change the game’s resolution
  • Activate fancy shaders, which makes certain blocks look prettier
  • Activate dynamic skies, which change overtime and have moving clouds and other lighting effects
  • Activate post effects, which affects how light acts in the world
  • Activate distance fog

However, these settings might cause slowdown on lower-end computers, so just keep this in mind.

You can also disable client-side storage, which means that everything will be downloaded from the server every time you open your world, and disable the sound.


Next time, we’ll go into what you can do in the Maker!

If you’d prefer this tutorial in video format, here’s the Youtube video link:

And for further questions, please send us an email at info@adventurebox.com

Or join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/eutfugR


Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team