Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 3 – Creating Creatures



What is an Open World without people to talk to and bad guys to fight?
Actually, that does sound rather relaxing… But it’s hardly exciting, is it? Not to mention a bit lifeless.

Well, you can fix that by adding some Creatures to your world. Let’s talk about how to make them!

To open the Creature Creator, open the Creature Palette and click Design A New Creature.

Here, you have a lot of options.


Right now, there are three races to choose from: Humans, dwarves and goblins. All of them have their own selection of hairstyles, faces and clothing.
To change the race, just click on the symbols in the top left.

Character Color

But there are some buttons in the top right ,too:

These let you, in order, change the creature’s:

  • Gender (If the creature is a human or a dwarf)
  • Hair – & horn color
  • Face detail color (For humans and goblins)
  • Skin color

Creature Size

I also want to mention the Mook, Miniboss and Boss labels at the bottom real quick.

These determine the creature’s size and toughness. Bosses are gigantic and hard to defeat while Mooks are the smallest (AKA regular) size.
This, of course, means that you can create a giant dwarf… Huh.

Creature Options

OK, let’s go over the different options here.

Face Types let you change the creature’s face. And if it’s a human, you can give them a fancy mask, too!

Hair Styles lets you… well, change the hair and horns, of course.

Shirts let you change the creature’s shirt or upper body armor, which increases Defense.

Pants let you change the creature’s pants or lower body armor.

Gloves let you change the creature’s gloves and hand armor.

Shoes let you change the creature’s shoes and foot armor.

Shields will give your creature a shield, and therefore increasing its Defense.

Weapons offer swords and guns for the creature to defend themselves with, and therefore increasing its Attack.

The symbols slightly above the creature’s model shows how much Attack and Defense it currently has.

Once you’re happy with the creature you’ve made, click Save Character. Name it, and then click Save Character again.

There! The creature is in the Palette.

It will stay there permanently unless you decide to Delete it.
To delete a creature, hover over the lines in the upper right corner and click Delete.


See this symbol that appears above a creature after it’s placed out?

This shows the creature’s behavior. A happy smiley is friendly while an angry smiley is hostile.
Goblins and masked humans will be hostile by default.

If you want to change the behavior, right-click the creature, select the Brain icon and select the behavior you want.

Making Creatures is tons of fun, so I hope you enjoy it!
Next time, we’ll talk about Portals!

If you prefer video tutorials, we have created a video on Youtube:

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Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team