Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 5 – Quests And Event Triggers

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Hello again!

Today, we’re going to talk about what elevates an Open World adventure from a fun one to an exciting one – Quests!

And while we’re on the subject, I’m going to talk about Event Triggers, since they work similarly and share a Palette.


To put it simply, Quests are basically a series of events and tasks that, should the Player accept it, must be completed.
Why would they want to do that? Because they don’t get nothing for it! See, if the Player completes a quest, they usually get some kind of reward, such as gold and experience points. And the longer and more complex the quest is, the more gold and EXP they earn.

Trigger Events

Trigger Events are more like a change in the world that causes a change in a creature or item. Like making an item explode by pushing a button, or turning a friendly creature aggressive by killing a monster.

So how do we create them?

Creating Quests and Trigger Events

The process for creating Quests and Trigger Events are very similar, but since a bit more goes into the Quests, I’ll focus on those.

Right-click the creature or item you want to start the process with and click the trophy icon for Quests or the domino icon for Events.

For Quest Creation, you’ll then be asked if you want to create a Player Quest or Creature Quest.
The Creature Quest just gives the creature a behavior, which is not what we need to create a story quest.
For story quests, we want to choose Player Quest.

This will make a new circular menu appear around the creature/item. Events will open this menu immediately.

These are the different Triggers – What action will start the Quest/Event?
Approaching the creature? Talking to it? Attacking, hurting or killing it?

Once you’ve decided on the trigger, the world will turn transparent, like a Wireframe mode.
The symbol above the creature/item shows the Trigger you chose.

Left-click the item/creature that you want to be the next step in the quest or affected by the Trigger. This includes the creature/item that is the Trigger. This will bring up another menu.
Click on the Quest Objective/Event you want.

If you’re making a quest, you’ll be asked to name it here. Then, click Create Quest.

You could make it this short, if you want to. But if you want to make it longer, right-click the item/creature that is the latest step in the quest and click the trophy icon again.

Repeat the above process until you’re satisfied with the quest.

Delete Quests And Event Triggers

If you dislike the quest/trigger you’ve made, simply open the Quest Palette and press Delete on the quest/trigger.

And that’s all! Next time, we’ll talk about the Maker Control Panel!

If you’d prefer this tutorial in video format, here’s the Youtube video:

And a separate video for Event Triggers:


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