Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 6 – Maker Control Panel

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This is the last part on editing your Adventure Box world!

Down in the right corner of the Maker, there are more buttons.
These are Maker Options. Or the Maker Control Panel, I suppose is more accurate. To activate them, just left-click on them.

Let’s go over them real quick. In order, from left to right:

Player Mode lets you do a full playtest of your game. This will open the game in another window. Click here or press C on your keyboard to do it.

Quick Play Mode allows you to switch instantly between Maker Mode and Quick Play Mode. Essentially, letting you do a quick playtest your game. Click here or press R on your keyboard to do it.

The Snapshot Album lets you look at the pictures you’ve taken of your world and change the game’s thumbnail.

The Game Description lets you change your world’s name and description, add tags to allow other users to find it easier and change the thumbnail.

Publish is, perhaps, the most important function on here.

This lets you publish your game. What this means is that this game will appear in the list of games on the site, making it officially available for other users.

When you do this, you’ll be asked if you want to rename your game. To make sure that you stand out and attract other users, name your game something eye-catching. Like I said earlier, more Players = Bigger profit for you!
You can also share your game on your social media pages and even embed your game with an html-code on blogs and similar sites. You’ll earn Gold and Gems if you do this, so it’ll be well-worth your while to share your creation!

And if you change your mind on making it available? Just click the Publish button again, and the game will be unpublished.

The Camera lets you take a picture of your world from the current camera view. Take screenshots of flattering and exciting angles to get good pictures of your world and attract Players. Click here or press P on your keyboard to do it.

The Megaphone lets you mute sound in your tab. Click here or press M on your keyboard to do it.

The Directional Cross lets you toggle Fullscreen. Click here or press F on your keyboard to do it.

And finally, the Red X exits your world. (I mean, x-its your world. Haha… ha… ha… We’re almost the end, so I’ll just see myself out for that one…)

When you exit your world and come back to it, the state of the world will be the same that you left it in last time if you let the world process the save. We don’t recommend doing this while the world is still processing and saving the changes you’ve made – Wait until the change has been saved.

And that’s all! We’re done!

I hope you have fun editing your world!


Here’s the Youtube video, if you prefer video tutorials. The timestamp is 7:05:

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Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team