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Hello again!


Wow, going over everything in the Maker sure was a mouthful, huh? So many little details to cover… Whew!

Well, alright, now I can start going over a few of the menu options that you get when right-clicking items and creatures.

It’s been pretty wordy so far, so I suggest we keep going in that direction… by talking about character dialogue!



Now, keep in mind that the only creatures you actually can talk to are Friendly ones – Hostile creatures will only attack you.


Remember that you can turn a Hostile character Friendly (and vice versa) and thus give them accessible dialogue by right-clicking on them, clicking the brain icon and selecting the happy face

… or use Event Triggers to change the behavior. (See part 5 of Editing A World for details) 

But how do we create dialogue?


First, right-click the creature to bring up the menu and click on the speech bubble icon.

Here, you’ll get a list of all of the creature’s dialogues.

Yes “dialogues” – You can create as many dialogues as you want.
The yellow highlighted dialogue with the green check mark to the right shows the
current active dialogue. You can change it at any time by clicking the check mark of another dialogue OR by using Event Triggers.

To create a dialogue, just click “Create A New Dialogue”. This opens up a dialogue box.

In the grey box at the top, you write what you want the creature to say.

Responses is, well, where you create possible Player responses to the dialogue.
This is the start of a possible
Dialogue Tree. By clicking the + icon to the left of the headline, you add a response that the Player can choose.
You can basically add as many possible responses as you wish.

The symbols to the right of the response show what you can do with it.
The red cross
deletes the response.
The green pen lets you
edit the response.
The yellow + lets you
continue expanding the dialogue tree, which brings you to a new dialogue box where you can repeat the process. Do this as many times as you’d like, depending on how big and complex you want the dialogue tree to be.

As I mentioned previously, Event Triggers work on dialogue options, too! You could, for example, make a creature explode by talking to another creature, or turn a Friendly creature Hostile by saying the “wrong” thing etc. Be creative with it!


And that’s about it! I hope you have fun creating dialogue!


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