Adventure Box Tips: Self-Publishing Part 2:

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Hello there!

Last time, I talked to you about the concept of self-publishing and how to create the proper files for the websites.
Today, let’s talk about the actual publishing step.

And we’ll begin with is a self-publishing site for indie games where, in order to publish the game, you basically have to fill in a form.

And where do you find it?
After you’ve logged in/created your account, click on the drop-down menu next to your username and select Upload New Project.

This takes you to the Project Dashboard.

Here, you fill in all of the necessary info – The game’s name, genre, description, thumbnail, aspect ratio, setting it as an HTML project etc.

When you fill in this info, however, here are some very important things for you to remember:

First of all, two general tidbits about the game itself:

Since Adventure Box is still in beta, make sure to set the release status as In Development.

Set the pricing to No Payment.

Now, some general tips when filling in this info.
Note that this is applicable to all publishing sites: receives hundreds, possibly thousands, of games every single day. As a result, it can be hard to be noticed.

So, consider all of the game’s info as a Sales Pitch.

You want to attract users, so you want your game to seem interesting and draw attention to itself.
Do this by choosing a cool thumbnail, an interesting game name, a good tagline, tags that will make the game show up when searched and a game description that is short, sweet and meaningful.

Don’t write a novel of a game description!
A summary is more than enough. And make sure to include the game’s controls in the description.

Upload the game file where it says Upload.
Make sure that the file size isn’t bigger than 1 GB.

Once everything is filled in, click Save & View Page.

This won’t actually publish your game, but it will take you to an Overview page where you can check what the page will look like.

To make your game visible on the site, click on Edit Game at the top of the site to return to the Dashboard…

… Then, under Visibility & Access, select Public.
Lastly, save the changes.

Congratulations, you’ve just published your first game on itch!
Next time, it’s time for Newgrounds!

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The Adventure Box Team