Adventure Box Tips: Self-Publishing Part 3: Newgrounds

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Last time, I showed you how to publish a game on

Today, we’re talking about the other publishing site you got codes for – Newgrounds.

Wow, visiting this site sure takes me back!
This is a website for not just games, but movies, music and art, as well!

Publishing on here is reminiscent of the process, but just slightly different:

First, after logging in/creating your account, click on the Upload symbol at the top of the page (The arrow with a line under it) and select Game.

Give your project a name and click Next.

Upload the game file where it says, well, Game File.
On Newgrounds, the file can’t be bigger than 600 MB.

Then, just like on, fill in all of the requested details –
The game’s name, genre, description, thumbnail, aspect ratio, tags, ratings etc.

And in case you haven’t read the blog post, I’ll repeat it here, as it’s applicable to all publishing sites:

Newgrounds receives hundreds, possibly thousands, of games every single day. As a result, it can be hard to be noticed.

So, consider all of the game’s info as a Sales Pitch.

You want to attract users, so you want your game to seem interesting and draw attention to itself.
Do this by choosing a cool thumbnail, an interesting game name, a good tagline, tags that will make the game show up when searched and a game description that is short, sweet and meaningful.

Don’t write a novel of a game description!
A summary is more than enough. And make sure to include the game’s controls in the description.

Oh, and see this menu to the left here?

This is Newgrounds’s Project Manager.
Here, you can include a bunch of extra stuff, should you so choose – You can create a Credits page, invite friends to be Project Members, share files with each other and more.

Once you’ve filled in all details, you can preview what the Game Page will look like by clicking Preview.

This will take you to what the Game Page will look like.

If you don’t want to preview the page, or if everything looks fine in the preview, click Publish Game.

Read through the user agreement and the click Submit.

Congratulations, you’ve just published your game to Newgrounds!

And that’s it for now!

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Best Wishes,
The Adventure Box Team