Adventure Box Tutorial: Playing Game In Adventure Box Part 1: Starting A Game

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Hello there!

I’ve talked a lot about how Adventure Box works and how to do this and that, but there’s one thing I didn’t really consider:

Some of you might want to know more about how to play Adventure Box.

Maybe you’re new to browser games, or just games in general. Or maybe you know somebody who is. Well, no worries – Playing Adventure Box games is simple.

Well, let’s start with starting… a game!

It’s as easy as pressing a button, but where the button is varies depending on which page you’re on.

Oh, before we start, I should mention right now: When you start a game for the first time, Adventure Box will ask if it can store files on your device. This is completely optional, but it will make the games run faster.

If you want to join any running instance of a Battlefield (shooter) game, just click Play Now! on the Front Page.

If you want to select the game yourself, however, you click on Choose A Game, if you’re on the front page…

… or Play A Game! up here, if you’re in the Maker.

This will take you to the Game Selection page.

Clicking these headlines will let you sort the games after which games are featured, most recently published or most popular.

Click the thumbnail of the game you want to play.

Once you’re on the Game Page, click Play Now!

By the way, if it’s an Open World game that you’ve played before with Location Flags in it, you can select where you want to spawn from this menu. Just click the location where you want to start, and you’re ready to go!

Easy, right?

In the next one, let’s go over the Controls for playing!

Here’s the video version of this tutorial:

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Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team