Playing Games In Adventure Box: Part 2: Controls

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In the last tutorial, I went over how to start a game. And now you’re in the game, but… How do the controls work?

That’s what we’re going over today.
And to make it a bit easier on your eyes, I’ve provided a handy-dandy visual guide for you!

Keyboard Controls


Mouse Controls

These are our standard controls, but if you dislike them, you can change them to your liking in the Options menu.
This can be done both in the Maker and while playing a game.

Changing the controls

First, bring up the Pause menu and click on Options.

In there, you can see the button mapping options at the bottom.

Just highlight the area showing the key and press your preferred key to change it.

You can also adjust the mouse sensitivity, activate some effects to make the game look prettier, adjust the draw distance and camera zoom and check your performance.

What does “performance” mean?

Performance = How smoothly does your game run?
It’s measured in Frames Per Second (FPS), and it basically means the number of times an image is updated in a second in order to simulate motion – In other words, how many frames of change are there per second?

If a game stutters and lags, it might be because your framerate is low. Adventure Box can run at 60 FPS, and notification will also show up on your screen when your framerate drops below 30 FPS. The cause can be a number of things, but if your overall performance suffers, you can adjust the settings here, such as turning off the fancy effects or decreasing the draw distance, and see if it improves.

And that’s all you need to know about the controls!

Next time, we’ll discuss the difference between Open World and Battlefield.

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