Playing Games In Adventure Box: Part 3: Open World & Battlefield

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Hello again!

Last time, we went over the controls. Now, you might’ve noticed that we currently have to types of games – Open World and Battlefield.

So… what’s the difference between them?

Let’s talk about it!

Open World

An Open World game is usually structured a bit like an adventure game. The contents of the world depend on what the creator of the world has added to it, but you can do quests and earn some gold, talk to or fight creatures or just explore the world as you please.

Or do parkour.

Or maybe the creator of the world just wanted to build and show off something cool, like a replica of something from the real world!


Battlefield games are Multiplayer First-person Shooter games. You play against other Players and try to defeat as many opponents as possible, both Players and potentially mobs if there are any, before time runs out. The more opponents you’ve defeated, the more gold you get when the match is over.

This mode also has a lobby. When there’s more than one person in the lobby, a countdown starts. When the countdown is over, the match begins.

Players are free to move around and shoot in the lobby in order to get a good look at the level and try out the controls.

Battlefield guns

In Battlefield, there are four types of guns to use:

The standard pistol, which has infinite ammunition and can get upgraded to a stronger pistol by picking up another pistol.

The shotgun, which is good for short-range combat.

The assault rifle, which can fire a lot of bullets at once.

And finally, the rocket launcher, which launches one single, very powerful projectile at the target.

The shotgun, assault rifle and rocket launcher can all run out of ammunition, but Players can refill it by picking up placed-out or dropped ammo boxes or more guns.

Battlefield Power-ups

There are also power-ups for Players to use, and they can all be active at once:

The jump boost Makes the Player, well, jump higher.

The speed boost increases the Player’s movement speed.

The shield boosts the Players defense.

The health item refills some of the Player’s health.

The jump boost, speed boost and shield only last for a short while. If you hear a *pew!*-sound, that means the power-up has run out.

And that’s it!

Video tutorial? Yes sir:

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