Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day content pack now deployed!

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This week, we had a new release, and with it, some new content!

This time: The Valentine’s Day Pack!

This content pack contains these items:

Heart-shaped furniture, doors, lanterns and windows for that extra romantic touch for your rooms:

Indulgent cakes and cupcakes, romantic red and pink candles and champagne glasses to toast with:

Love-themed storage containers, shaped as or decorated with hearts:

A cute little swan boat:

And finally, a heart and a love potion for your characters to gift to each other!

There’s new clothing, too!
Dress your characters up in fancy Valentine’s Day suits, or dress them as cherubs (With bow and arrow, as well) to further spread the love:

Whoever you are, and whoever you love, we at Adventure Box wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team.