Adventure Box World Creator Championsip – Our winners are…

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Hello everyone!

The Adventure Box World Creator Championships are now over!

And the winners are:

1st Place: With Love From Paris by basovsergejj

A most impressive recreation of the Eiffel Tower.
Sergejj is a 26-year old from Ukraine whose main approach to game-making is to focus on the details and create an interesting story. His top tip is to create a more vibrant world by focusing on the details.

Play his level here:

2nd Place: The Game by Isak K

A chaotically fun Battlefield map.
Isak is 14 years old and lives in Sweden, and his maps have been played over 23 000 times. When he’s not busy with school, he likes to create Battlefield maps.

Play his level here:

3rd Place: Most Wanted Pirates by Genard

A fun little pirate adventure.
Genard is a 29-year old from The Philippines. His best Battlefield map strategy is to first think of a cool theme, and then add other details in order to make the map interesting. As for Open World, he plans the story first, and then build the game around it. His best tip is to make a plan for the basics first, and then add side quests.

Play his level here:

Congratulations to all our winners!

Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team