Game Developers Conference… In Adventure Box?

Emmy Uncategorized

Hello, everyone!

As you may be aware, the Coronavirus is sadly causing all sorts of events to be cancelled.
The annual Game Developers Conference is among these events.

Of course, we were saddened by these unfortunate circumstances, since we were also planning on attending.

But then we thought:
If we can’t go to GDC, then perhaps we can bring GDC to us!

… In a manner of speaking.

One of our users, basovsergejj, has created a wonderful recreation of the Moscone Centre in San Fransisco, where the event was to be held. However, this centre has been taken over by Adventure Box creatures, having escaped from the browser and gone berserk!

The goal is simple: Get to the evacuation zone and defeat the Adventure Box creatures that are attacking you on the way!

Play the game here:

Please stay safe, everyone!

Best Wishes,
The Adventure Box Team