Easter has come to Adventure Box!

Emmy News

Hello everyone!

Spring has come, and Easter is just around the corner.

And what better way of celebrating that than with some new content for you all?

Introducing: The Easter Content Pack!

I almost wrote just “The Easter Pack”, but that sounded like a bunch of Easter-themed gangsters. The Easter Bunny is cute and wholesome and fluffy, so that would be slander.

That’s right – Now you can fill your worlds with Easter-themed items and creatures!

Organize an egg hunt and hide easter eggs in your worlds!
Dress your creatures up as bunnies and chickens – Yes, all creatures get in on the fun this time around! Or why not keep a bunny or chicken as a “pet”? (They can’t actually move around, but since they’re so cute, you can forgive it, right?)
Decorate your houses with egg-shaped lanterns and bright, spring-like furniture!

Oh, and here’s a promo video:

Happy Easter, everyone! Try to not eat too much candy!

And even if you don’t celebrate Easter, we wish a happy springtime for all!

Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team