April Game Creation Challenge Is A-Go!

Emmy Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

Easter is just around the corner, and a very nice reminder that spring is on its way!
Or here already, maybe.

Am I allowed to quote The Beatles here? Or do I have to pay royalties?

(We’ll probably still have to put up with some unexpected snow storms, or at least sleet, but that’s April weather for you)

And with the coming of Spring, so comes another contest!

This April, we’ve sent out invitations to a contest to some of our skilled Game Creators – The April Game Creation Challenge!
This time, the winners will be selected by our in-house game designers!

What’s the 1st-place prize this time around, you ask?
Well, the game will be Featured on the site, but that’s not all – The winner will also get a very special T-shirt!

The second-and third-place winners will also get their games sent out to other users and become Featured on Adventure Box, respectively!

The chosen game creators have until April 30th to enter this contest.
Please cheer them on!

Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team