Introducing: Remastered Tutorials!

Emmy Tutorials

Hello everyone!

Anyone of you who has ever created something knows that, one day, you’ll look back at what you made and cringe.

For me, that’s the case with my old video tutorials.

I mean, stuttering and tripping over my words? Sloppy editing? Unfunny jokes? Awkward silence? My word!
Not to mention that there are some parts of the old tutorials that, well, aren’t relevant anymore.

Well, I seek to rectify that!
So, I’ve started to remaster my old tutorials!

First up – A new Making A World tutorial!
Check it out below:

Unfortunately, there’ll still be unfunny jokes. That’s just how I roll.

This time around, I’ve also provided some captions for the video!
This way, even those of you who are hard of hearing or can’t have the sound on can still follow along.

Keep your eyes peeled for more remastered tutorials!

Best Wishes,

The Adventure Box Team