Editing Worlds: New Remastered Tutorial posted!

Emmy Tutorials

Hello everyone!

As you remember from last week, I mentioned that I’m remaking my old tutorials.

I started with the basics: How to create a world.
And, well… There’s a world you’ve created. Nice!

But… It’s just a bunch of blocks right now. How can we turn our game world into more of a proper game?
Why, by filling the world with stuff, of course!

In this week’s tutorial, I’ll present a basic overview of our Maker – How the controls work, what the Palette is and the contents of it.

Check it out here – Now with subtitles, for those of you who are hard of hearing!
(… Or just like subtitles on your videos in general)

I can relate… People use captions to sneak in jokes in their videos, after all!

Best wishes,

The Adventure Box Team