Two New Videos Up – What Is Performance & Making Creatures!

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Hello everyone!

This week, I managed to bring you two – yes, TWO – new Remastered tutorials!
Or, one Tutorial and one Tip, technically. But that’s me being pedantic.

Right, the first one concerns “Game Performance”.
For people who are new to games or not very knowledgeable about the technical side of them, they might not know what that means. Or they might have a hum, but not much more.
So, in this video, I talk about it.

This was actually part of an old tutorial about Playing Games, but I figured that talking about it breaks the flow of a video. So this time, it got its own separate video.

Find it here:

Perhaps it’s slightly on the simplified side,
but I figured that it’s a decent introduction, at least.

Meanwhile, the other video concerns Creatures.
You’ve made and decorated a world, but you might find that it’s missing something – Namely, Creatures to live in it!
Creatures are your worlds NPCs, and they can be either friend or foe… Or neither, depending on how you go about things, I suppose. You can give them dialogue, have them be affected by or just be Event Triggers or parts of Quests.
In this video, I talk about how to make Creatures.

Check it out here:

Humans and goblins and dwarves, of my!

Best wishes,

The Adventure Box Team