New Remastered Tutorial: Event Triggers, To Let Actions Have Consequences!

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Hello everyone!

I’ve posted a new Remastered tutorial.
This week, we’re talking about a little something called Event Triggers!

And what are those, exactly?

Well, Event Triggers are, in essence, changes in a game world that occur when certain conditions are fulfilled.
If you know programming, this is a bit like if- or when-conditions.

Maybe you’ll have a character go from Hostile to Friendly once you talk to one of their loved ones? How about having the lights turn on by saying a certain word? Would pressing a button make a door open or vanish completely?

Event Triggers can make a bunch of things happen in a world, so feel free to experiment with them!
But first, let’s go over how to actually create them, shall we?

You can find the video here:

Woah! Whatever that guy said to that girl, it must’ve been rude indeed.

Best wishes,

The Adventure Box Team