Snapshot Snafus, And How To Write Bug Reports

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Hello, everyone!

This week, we had a new release filled with exciting things that we will tell you about soon!
Because of this new release, you might bump into some bugs. Some of them are known to us, and we’re working on fixing them.
That’s software development for you!

One of them concern the ability to take snapshots in the Maker. We’ve discovered that something about this feature isn’t working as it should.
For some reason, snapshots aren’t saved and cause published games to not appear in the New Games tab.

But not to worry – We know about it, and we’re going to fix it!
If you don’t take snapshots, the game will appear in the New Games tab as it should. And if the game is published, it’s still playable by others even if it won’t show up in the tab! So you can still share the game link with your friends.

Speaking of bugs and errors:
We always do our best to improve the experience for users as well as visitors, so we’re always performing tests, on the lookout for potential bugs. Alas, because we are but a small team, some bugs can slip through the cracks sometimes.

And that’s where you, our lovely users, come in!

If you find a bug, you can report it to us!

Where To Report Bugs

There’s always our Discord channel, of course, but there’s another way to report bugs.
You might’ve noticed a button in the top stripe that says Support.

Over to the right, there.

When you click on it, you’ll get a form that you can fill in and send to us.

How To Report Bugs

When you make a bug report, regardless of method, we’d appreciate it if you could get as many details about it as possible:

  1. What does the bug do?
    Of course, we’d like to know the symptoms of the bug.
  2. What were you doing when it happened?
    Were you playing a game? Making a game? Just browsing the site?
  3. Can you reproduce it reliably?
    In order to fix the bug properly, we need to be able to reproduce it first. So please confirm in which situations this bug happens, and give us detailed instructions on how to make it happen.
    Try to get a screenshot or video of the bug happening – Something like is very useful for screen recording.
  4. What computer and browser do you use?
    Some bugs only happen in certain browsers or on certain computers. For the record, Chrome is the preferred browser for Adventure Box.
  5. Are there any error messages in the Console log?
    By pressing F12 in a browser window, you bring up something called Development Tools. It looks like this:

    In the Console tab, you’ll find some messages. If you see any irregularities or errors that appear when your bug happens, take a screenshot of this log. But in order to make sure that the error message is actually connected to be bug, keep the Console log open while replicating the bug.
  6. Are there any other details that you remember?
    Did you notice a loss of connection? A drop in framerate? Any other things happening that you thought were odd?

Any details about the circumstances will be a great help in us being able to replicate the bug.

Thank you for your patience!

Best wishes,

The Adventure Box Team