Christmas Games For Christmas Times!

Emmy Uncategorized

Hello, everyone!

Only about one and a half weeks left until Christmas! Wow!
And incidentally, today is both 3rd Advent and St Lucy’s Day! As good a time as any to eat some saffron buns, wouldn’t you say?

And doesn’t some Christmas games for these Christmas times sound like a good time?
Genard, one of our users, have made some holiday-themes games:

Would you like to decorate your house in My Christmas Home Decoration?

Or how about Christmas Town Disaster, for those who are more interested in a hustle?

Or can you take on the Christmas Gauntlet and prove that you’re skilled enough to reach the Golden gift?

And even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I of course hope you find these games to be a good time! Happy Holidays!

Best wishes,

The Adventure Box Team