New Website Design!

Emmy News, release notes

Hello, everyone!

With this new release, we’re excited to bring you:

A brand-new website design!

So, this looks quite different from how it used to. This design should work for not just computers, but also mobile devices!

Let’s have a tour and show you what’s new here!

Front Page

On this Front Page, you’ll find:


Pressing this button takes you to the Adventure Box Plaza! This is a great place for newcomers to learn about Adventure Box, and for users to hang out and chat.
(OBS! You need to have an Adventure Box account and be at least 13 years old to use the chat)

Running Games

Itching for some Multiplayer action? Check which games have Players in them here! This will also be available from the Live page. (More on that later)

Popular Games

Check out our most popular games!


Here’s where you’ll find some popular users!


Has there been a new release? Or is there something else exciting going on? Hear about the latest Adventure Box News here!


Are you a new Adventure Box Maker and wish to learn more about the tools? Or are you a Maker who seeks to learn some tips and tricks? Check out our Tutorials!

Side Bar

In the side bar, from top to bottom, you’ll find:


Click here to go to back to the Front Page.


Check out which games are currently bustling with activity, or check what’s new on the Social Pages!


Here’s where you find our user-made games! Check out what’s popular, new, our picks or just explore on your own!


Wanna make a game of your own? Click here to go to the Maker Page!

Oh, and this release had some updates, too:


  • The Battlefield scoreboard has been improved! It’ll now appear even if you join a game late, and it should now look better on mobile
  • Speaking of scoreboards: The one that appears after a Battlefield game has also been improved! It now handles large lists better, the mobile version should be more responsive and you can follow Players you’ve played with

We hope you enjoy our new design! And of course, if you have any feedback, please let us know!

Best wishes,

The Adventure Box Team