Fixes, Fixes: April 19th Release Notes

Emmy release notes

Hello, everyone!

We had a new release today, and with it came an update!


  • The ability to toggle Fancy Shaders while playing has been temporarily disabled. We did this because we’re looking into an issue with it a bit more thoroughly. Now, don’t worry; The function isn’t gone. You can still toggle it in the Maker!

And of course, we also fixed some bugs!

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • We had a bit of a snafu last week where Medium and Large worlds would crash when moving around in them, both in the Maker and while playing. But we found the problem and fixed it, so they work properly again
  • On the Profile Pages, long usernames don’t overlap the Follower/Following Count anymore
  • You can’t get stuck inside of a Creature’s bounding box anymore
  • We fixed some bugs related to the shops, as well:
    • The Game Info Page doesn’t show up underneath the items in a shop after cancelling a purchase anymore
    • Some shops, when clicked, opened the Game Info Page instead. But now, all shops open properly
  • In the Maker, block changes that are made by holding the left mouse button, using Page Down and going underneath the bottom layer of a world save properly now

And as usual; If you have feedback for us, or you wish to report a bug, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Best wishes,

The Adventure Box Team