Pinpoint Perfect! Precision Update & Mini-maps: May 7th Release Notes

Emmy release notes

Hello, everyone!

We had a new release today, and this is what’s new:

Precision Update

While working on fixing a bug that made the bounding boxes gigantic, one of our lovely programmers decided to do us one better! Introducing: The Precision Update!

That’s right: Not only do the bounding boxes fit the object in accordance to how they’re shaped, Items and Creatures aren’t bound to the voxels anymore! Place them out basically wherever you want on the map, as close to each other as you want!

Look how many glasses I can put on this table!


When you go to publish a game, there’s now the option to enable a mini-map in your game!

The mini-maps will be located in the upper-right corner of the screen, both in the Maker and when playing, if enabled. Aside from the general terrain, they’ll also show compass directions, Creatures and other Players. Click on the map to enlarge or shrink it.

And here’s what else the release included:


  • We’ve temporarily paused the image upload for profile pictures
  • The lobby and end-screen times last for longer! Instead of 10 seconds, we’ve increased it to 30 seconds!
  • In Dialogue boxes, you don’t have to scroll down to see the replies if the text in it is long. Now, you can see the replies separately!
  • When placing out objects and Structures in the Maker, you can now rotate them using the arrow keys! This means that you can rotate them both clockwise and counterclockwise

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • As mentioned above, bounding boxes aren’t gigantic anymore
  • When logged in using social media accounts, the name displayed in the game is now your Adventure Box username instead of the name tied to your social media account
  • In the Maker, pressing O or Esc. when the Dialogue Manager is open won’t prevent you from editing the game anymore
  • In the Maker, a Creature’s graphic and bounding box aren’t separated anymore if you move it after placing out a Portal
  • The “Invisible Creatures still have their name tags visible” bug was back, but we’ve fixed it
  • In the Maker, creating a new Creature won’t cause the Block Editor Tool to stop working anymore
  • When playing, the Options menu won’t remain on-screen after adjusting the draw distance and clicking in the little scene window
  • In Battlefield games, Players that are killed don’t walk around afterwards anymore, but instead play the proper Death Animation. No more walking corpses!
  • When swimming on the surface of water, the screen won’t flicker when Post Effects are turned on anymore
  • In the Maker, objects can’t be placed out of bounds anymore
  • Auto-jump works more consistently now
  • Carpets, flowers and grass don’t stop bullets anymore
  • During Battlefield games, game event messages don’t appear out of sync anymore! They also appear much faster the more messages there are

And, as always: Please give us your feedback, be it by email, Discord or the Feedback form!

Best wishes,

The Adventure Box Team