Adventure Box Tips: Self-Publishing Part 3: Newgrounds

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Hello! Last time, I showed you how to publish a game on Today, we’re talking about the other publishing site you got codes for – Newgrounds. Wow, visiting this site sure takes me back!This is a website for not just games, but movies, music and art, as well! Publishing on here is reminiscent of the process, but just … Read More

Adventure Box Tips: Self-Publishing Part 2:

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Hello there! Last time, I talked to you about the concept of self-publishing and how to create the proper files for the websites.Today, let’s talk about the actual publishing step. And we’ll begin with is a self-publishing site for indie games where, in order to publish the game, you basically have to fill in a form. And where … Read More

Adventure Box Tips: Getting Inspired

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Hello!   By now, you pretty much get how the Maker works, if I’ve done my job properly. But do you feel discouraged to create a game because you think it won’t be good enough? Or do you want to create one, but don’t know what type of game to make? If you’re new to this, this might come from … Read More

Adventure Box Tips: Creating A Well-Balanced Battlefield

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Hi!   The Battlefield games sure are fun, aren’t they? Are you somebody who wants to create their own, but isn’t sure how to do so? I can’t tell you exactly how to make one, but I CAN offer a little bit of advice! This time, we’re going to talk about creating a well-balanced Battlefield!   Now, why do we … Read More