Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 3 – Creating Creatures


Howdy! What is an Open World without people to talk to and bad guys to fight? Actually, that does sound rather relaxing… But it’s hardly exciting, is it? Not to mention a bit lifeless. Well, you can fix that by adding some Creatures to your world. Let’s talk about how to make them! To open the Creature Creator, open the … Read More

Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 2 – The Maker


Hello! Last time, we started talking about how the Maker controls work. But… what can you actually do, then? Let’s talk about that today! The menu on the left shows the options you have for editing your world. Each button represents different elements to spice up your world with.  All of these Palettes work in the same way – To place … Read More

Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 1 – Controls


Hello again!   So you’ve created or imported a world. Neato! But a world is just a world. It’s… lacking a little something, right? Namely pretty much everything. But worry not! You can edit and modify it! Welcome to the Maker! Editing your worlds is not only beneficial for other Players, but for you, as well! See, when you edit … Read More

Import From Google Maps In Adventure Box!


Hello again! Let’s continue talking about creating worlds, this time using Google Maps! Now, what is the Google Maps Import? Why, exactly what it sounds like – This function allows you to import a geographical location into Adventure Box. You could, for example, import and recreate your neighbourhood, if you wanted. Or any other location that you fancy. Alright, let’s … Read More

Import Minecraft Worlds To Adventure Box!


Hello again! Did you know that you can import your Minecraft worlds to Adventure Box? Well, you probably did, because I mentioned it in previous tutorials… Anyway, this is a great feature if you want to play with friends who don’t have Minecraft or they have Minecraft and you don’t. Or if you’re worried about trolls destroying your world. Or … Read More

Create A World With Adventure Box!


Hi! Welcome to Adventure Box! We make it easy to create, share and play games, directly in your browser! You don’t need to do any coding, and you don’t need to pay us any money. Just create an account and get started! To create a game, you first need a base! We provide different types of base games for you to … Read More

Tutorial part two: Adding characters


After creating a world and filling it with structures and items it is time to add Adventure to your world. We like to begin with adding characters. Non- Player Characters, or NPC:s, are characters controlled by the game with which players can interact. You can design their look, place them into your world and give them properties, dialogue and even … Read More