Development videos

These are some videos showing the adventure maker and player tools in various stages of development. More videos in our Youtube Channel


These are some ambient audio and soundtracks. Follow us in SoundCloud


These are some screenshots from the alpha version of the game so far.

Concept Art

These are concept art graphics created in preparation for development of the game.

Description and features

Adventure Box is a voxel-based RPG that can be played in the browser. There are two ways to play the game:

As an Adventure Maker you can create worlds, design their terrain, seas and skies, and then fill them with villages, towns, people and monsters, to create stories and adventures. You can also use portals to connect your worlds to other worlds created by Adventure Makers.

As an Adventure Player you can create your own character and set off to explore the universe of worlds created by other players and by the Adventure Box team. You’ll level up your character by defeating monsters, completing quests, and discovering hidden loot.

Currently the game is in the closed alpha testing stage – but we’re inviting new alpha testers each week, so if you’d like to sign up for a chance to get early access, submit your email address above.


Please see the logos with different backgrounds in PNG format or download it in Adobe Illustrator format here

Interviews & articles

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Peter LönnquistChairman of the Board Peter Lönnquist, BA from Stockholm School of Economics. A senior business man with multiple board assignments to his credit, including two online gaming companies, one bank (Nordea) and one Ven Cap company. He has international business experience through assignements in the USA, Middle East and Far East.

Christopher KingdonCEO Christopher Kingdon have started and run four different startups of his own. He has also been involved as management in four other startups that he has helped build and sell. He holds a Master of Science from KTH and an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. His first job was with Ericsson, which took him to Germany and USA, where he lived for two years in each country. Chris holds over 15 patents in Location Based Services, a field he was involved in creating.

Rob O’LearyCTO Rob O’Leary is an Irish software engineer and architect. 15 years in the software industry, his current specialization is the design and implementation of systems for the rendering and manipulation of large datasets on the web. Before co-founding Happy Landlord Games he consulting with Goo Technologies in Sweden, built open-source software for a variety of platforms, including the Leap Motion, and developed a number of voxel engines. He is currently based in Paris and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communications Technologies from Trinity College, Dublin.

Dan GreeningDirector Daniel R Greening, PhD, is a serial entrepreneur and researcher with 40 years experience in online, mobile and 3D software development. He co-founded 2 startups with successful exits, and has led agile management transformations in several large companies.

Tomas HuttenlocherSound Engineer Tomas Huttenlocher has created music and sound for movies, TV shows and computer games for over 10 years. In his spare time he tours internationally as a DJ, performs his material live at different national and international festivals, clubs and exclusive, thematic parties. Once he ran his own event management company. As a music producer and audio designer his work is involved in various assignments such as music and audio for commercial spots, corporate webpages, game design, film, profile audio, tv-shows, live events and record productions.

Lee TobinDirector Jos de Kruijf 25 years in marketing, sales and delivery across the globe in digital media, mobile software and SaaS solutions. Worked with several start-ups in transforming vision to successful exits

Pepe Valle MazuelosSoftware Engineer Pepe Valle Mazuelos is a software engineer based both in Seville and Paris, he lived also in Edinburgh. He is specialized in web applications from Java, Javascript… to even PHP and web analytics. Freelance since July 2014, he worked in different sectors like administration, energy and financial. He also waste time in an experimental google maps micro site, a web-based farm management application he owns and a family business: an online clothing store. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineer and a Master’s degree in Web applications

Janette JennischeJanette Jennische is a communications- and investor relations specialist, experienced in IPO and M&A activities. She comes from senior positions on corporate level at global corporations such as Siemens Medical and Daimler Chrysler, and has also been coaching and supporting start-ups. Janette holds a MBA in Finance and General Management from Stockholm School of Economics and a Bachelors degree in Media and Communications from Stockholm University, Sweden. Based in Stockholm, born in Finland, used to live in London – and still love the city.

Kim Ekdahl2D and 3D artist Kim Ekdahl currently interning here at Adventure Box. Has studied 3D graphics for video game production at Futuregames academy in Stockholm and also has a background in traditional art. When not working she likes to do 2D art both digitally and traditionally and play computer and video games!

About us

Adventure Box is created by Happy L-Lord AB, a Swedish independent game studio founded in March 2014. You need more info? Please contact us