Editing A World In Adventure Box: Part 1 – Controls


Hello again!   So you’ve created or imported a world. Neato! But a world is just a world. It’s… lacking a little something, right? Namely pretty much everything. But worry not! You can edit and modify it! Welcome to the Maker! Editing your worlds is not only beneficial for other Players, but for you, as well! See, when you edit … Read More

Import Minecraft Worlds To Adventure Box!


Hello again! Did you know that you can import your Minecraft worlds to Adventure Box? Well, you probably did, because I mentioned it in previous tutorials… Anyway, this is a great feature if you want to play with friends who don’t have Minecraft or they have Minecraft and you don’t. Or if you’re worried about trolls destroying your world. Or … Read More

Create A World With Adventure Box!


Hi! Welcome to Adventure Box! We make it easy to create, share and play games, directly in your browser! You don’t need to do any coding, and you don’t need to pay us any money. Just create an account and get started! To create a game, you first need a base! We provide different types of base games for you to … Read More

Tutorial part two: Adding characters


After creating a world and filling it with structures and items it is time to add Adventure to your world. We like to begin with adding characters. Non- Player Characters, or NPC:s, are characters controlled by the game with which players can interact. You can design their look, place them into your world and give them properties, dialogue and even … Read More

From Google Maps to a 3D Voxel World

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Adventure Box Google Maps Import The Earth

We have seen in a previous post how we texture greedy meshes in voxel worlds, which is one of the pieces of technology we’ve developed to make the rendering of Adventure Box worlds possible. Today we’re going to take a look at of one the ways we create voxel worlds – specifically, how we generate Adventure Box worlds from Google Maps (seems impossible? …Try it right now on adventurebox.com : ) We’ve … Read More

Live stream from Stockholm open house party Nov 7, 16:00 GMT+1


This Friday, Nov 7, at about 4 PM GMT+1 (central European time) we will have a live stream from our open house party at the Stockholm office. IAWAKE (our own Thomas Huttenlocher) will DJ. Camera mostly covering him and party goers but we might cut to demos and interviews. Welcome! https://westreamu.solidtango.com/live/adventure-box-kickstart

Adventure Box Game Engine Preview!


Adventure Box Characters Logo

Experience The Story for the First Time This weekend you guys are the very first to get a preview of our new game engine. This is the engine we’re building up using the alpha technologies, combined with the gameplay mechanics we’ve designed based on your feedback. You’ll find the preview right here. http://preview.adventurebox.com There’s not much to do in there … Read More

Alpha v0.06 released!


The v0.06 alpha update is up! Woo! This week the Halflings have started to arrive – so you’ll find all new Halfling architecture in the asset catalogue! We’ve also be super-busy working on upgrading the control systems. So we have: A repaired targeting system, so it’s no longer difficult to correctly target voxels with your mouse! A new first-person camera … Read More

Alpha v0.05 released!


Hi all! Another update – and this time we’ve got something shiny and new in the interface! We’ve upgraded the Adventure Maker to include our new asset management system – which looks like this: If you already have an account, you can go ahead and login right now to give the new asset system a try. If you don’t yet … Read More

Alpha v0.04 released!


Hi all! Time for the weekly alpha update again. This week we’ve been super-busy working on design, account management, and assorted bugs reported by our intrepid alpha testers. We had planned to have our shiny new Adventure Maker asset system ready for this update, but since we’ve had so much interest in the alpha we decided to switch over to … Read More