Check out the new multi-player mode


NEW: Check out the new multi-player mode! We are very happy to invite you to the public beta test of mult-player mode on Adventure Box. Yes, we’re all pretty exited about this one. On the front page you now have a panel that shows a selection of currently running games. If you click on a game, you’re sent straight into … Read More

Alpha v0.06 released!


The v0.06 alpha update is up! Woo! This week the Halflings have started to arrive – so you’ll find all new Halfling architecture in the asset catalogue! We’ve also be super-busy working on upgrading the control systems. So we have: A repaired targeting system, so it’s no longer difficult to correctly target voxels with your mouse! A new first-person camera … Read More

Alpha v0.05 released!


Hi all! Another update – and this time we’ve got something shiny and new in the interface! We’ve upgraded the Adventure Maker to include our new asset management system – which looks like this: If you already have an account, you can go ahead and login right now to give the new asset system a try. If you don’t yet … Read More

Alpha v0.04 released!


Hi all! Time for the weekly alpha update again. This week we’ve been super-busy working on design, account management, and assorted bugs reported by our intrepid alpha testers. We had planned to have our shiny new Adventure Maker asset system ready for this update, but since we’ve had so much interest in the alpha we decided to switch over to … Read More

Alpha v0.03 released!


Hi all! Well, it’s Saturday again and time for the weekly alpha update. This week we’ve closed lots of bugs, updated the website, and added a few new bits of shiny gear to the game itself. It’s now possible to create screenshots while inside the game and post them directly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pintrest, and Google+. Just click on … Read More